Permanent Makeup performed by New Zealand’s best

Semi-permanent makeup in NZ is perfect for anyone who wants to define and enhance their features – particularly the eyes! Nothing makes your eyes pop, or your face look younger than a beautiful set of eyebrows that fit your face perfectly. Eyebrows are what we do, all day, every day. Contact the brow experts on 09 525 7894 or fill in a contact form below.

Lure specialises in several permanent makeup techniques that are perfect for anyone who wants to cover gaps, fully reconstruct, or fill-in over plucked brows, add a bluch of colour to their lips or anyone who simply wants to do away with their tedious daily brow ritual by treating themselves to a semi-permanent solution.

If you’re not satisfied with the state of your brows, or you simply want to enhance your current look, semi-permanent makeup is perfect.

What is Semi-Permanent Makeup in NZ

There are several semi-permanent makeup techniques available in NZ that have revolutionised what is possible in the beauty industry. Fundamentally, all semi-permanent cosmetic makeup techniques involve applying pigment into the skin to achieve a semi-permanent makeup effect. However, the quality of work varies dramatically throughout the industry. Lure are renowned as New Zealand’s premiere eyebrow enhancement clinic who cater to those most concerned about the quality of the treatment they receive. Lure doesn’t compromise in the pursuit of excellence; from the best technicians, to the highest quality clinic and equipment, to the industry’s leading natural Pigments (Li Pigments) – the Lure experience is unmatched.

Lure specialises in a range of semi-permanent cosmetic makeup techniques. Each technique creates a different effect when applied. From manual techniques like microblading (where results look supremely natural), to machine techniques like Ombre and Full Powdered Brows (which give the effect of makeup), to Combination Brows which is a mix of both. Each technique is highly specialised, and achieving the desired results rely on a range of factors including: The skill of the technician, the quality of the equipment used, the quality of the pigments, the unique skin and lifestyle factors of each client, and how well the client adheres to a specialised aftercare regime.

  • Industry Leaders: Lure are the industry leaders in the full spectrum of techniques with expertly trained and accredited technicians, state of the art equipment, and the highest quality natural pigments. If you’re serious about high quality semi-permanent cosmetic makeup, there is no-one better in the industry than Lure.
  • Free Consultation: PMU is a specialised area of beauty and should be well researched before you commit to a technician. Contact us today for a free consultation where you can have all your questions answered, and our expert technicians can advise on the best solutions to achieve your beauty goals.
  • Fixups: Unfortunately the industry is full of uncertified or part time technicians who don’t have the skill required to deliver consistently great results meaning PMU treatments performed incorrectly and horrible consequences. Lure are one of the only expert clinics who specialise in correction work and fixing of botched work. Contact us to discuss what can be done to fix someone else’s mistakes.
  • Retouch: Depending on your skin and lifestyle factors, it is occasionally necessary to have a third retouch appointment, and we offer special prices on these if performed within 12 weeks of your second treatment. We will advise of the number of treatments we expect you will require at your first consultation.

Permanent Makeup in Auckland Makes Life Easier!

Permanent makeup is perfect for busy people, or people who have problems with makeup application or side effects from cosmetics.

  • Impairments: If you have arthritis, poor eyesight or impaired motor skills, permanent makeup is perfect for you. Let Lure’s skilled technicians take the hassle and anxiety out of daily makeup application with a semi-permanent solution.
  • Cosmetic allergies: If you are allergic to cosmetics, permanent makeup provides a way for you to complement your natural beauty without the need for makeup.

Save yourself time every day with a semi-permanent makeup solution from Lure’s renowned technicians in Parnell, Auckland.

About Lure Professional

Lure’s is renowned for delivering semi-permanent makeup and beauty enhancement excellence from its boutique Parnell clinic in central Auckland.  Lure’s excellence starts with seeking out the most technically talented technicians in the industry, then taking those technicians through hundreds of hours of practice before testing them under the most challenging training and certification process in the world (partnered with the PMU Academy New Zealand). It means ensuring Lure understands each client’s unique needs and working with the client to plan and execute results that look amazing. It means delivering an unparalleled level of service and client care. It means ensuring the client understands the proper after care regime to maximise the results of their treatment. For the best experience in the industry, look no further than Lure in Parnell. Call us on 09 525 7894 or fill in a contact form below.