Receive Eyebrow Tattooing in Auckland by Our Elite Professionals

Our eyebrow tattooing in Auckland provides you with a beautiful natural look from exceptionally skilled professionals. We ensure each of our clients get the perfect brow shape, design, and enhancement technique to meet their unique needs. Our eyebrow tattooists in Auckland are the most technically talented artists in the industry, highly trained and certified. If you want beautiful and natural-looking eyebrow tattooing in Auckland call our professional team on 09 525 7894 today.

Benefits of Brow Tattooing for NZ Clients

We provide feather touch and premiere combination brows treatments that will give you a symmetrical and semi-permanent result.

  • You will save on time, money and products: Your tattoo treatment removes the need to use temporary makeup regularly to fill in or enhance your eyebrows. You will save time on your daily beauty routine and save on the cost of brow makeup, or other alternatives treatments. Our cosmetic eyebrow tattooing can last from 9 months to 2 years before you require another treatment depending on your skin type and lifestyle factors.
  • Amazing Results: You will notice an immediate difference with your eyebrows after your first treatment which only get better after your second (and for some clients, 3rd treatment).
  • Your eyebrows will look natural: Our cosmetic artists are highly skilled and certified to be the most technically advanced eyebrow tattooists in the industry. With our extensive training, and thousands of hours of practical experience, we provide clients with beautiful and natural-looking brows using nano strokes and high-quality natural pigments to produce a beautifully natural looking result.

You will receive a premium and custom eyebrow tattoo in NZ from our professional and exceptionally skilled technicians.

Tips Regarding Eyebrow Tattoo in Auckland

Consider these tips to better prepare for your treatment.

  • You will need a minimum of two treatments: You will need a follow-up treatment approximately four weeks after your initial microblading procedure. This second touch-up appointment is necessary to fill in any areas where pigment is lost during the skins natural healing process.
  • Our treatment times are two hours: We provide a comprehensive treatment and care regime for our clients to ensure that they get the look they desire. We meticulously shape and design eyebrows that perfectly suit your unique facial symmetry. This planning, along with exceptional tattooing skill of our technicians, and top quality tools and natural pigments, ensures that you are delighted with perfectly symmetrical and natural-looking brows. You will receive detailed, aftercare instructions during your appointment.
  • Your eyebrows will lighten after the first week: Our professionals will inform you of what to expect after your treatment and how to properly care for your eyebrows. Your brows will look the darkest during the first few days, then as they heal, they will lighten significantly. It is essential to trust the healing process and follow our professional advice carefully for the best results.

Why Should You Use Lure Professional?

Our expert technicians and tattooing artists are highly skilled and exceptionally trained to provide a premium service with outstanding results. We ensure that we meet our client’s needs using the innovative art of permanent makeup. Our genuine care for our clients extends from our clinic’s welcoming and tranquil atmosphere to the use of high-quality natural pigments, tools and accessories. For the premiere experience in cosmetic tattooing on your eyebrows in Auckland, contact our certified professionals today.