Natural Looking Eyebrow Feathering in Auckland

Give yourself more time in your day by investing in eyebrow feathering in Auckland and avoid the need for that tedious morning makeup regime. Lure is the industry leading permanent makeup boutique based in Parnell, with thousands of happy customers. We never compromise on excellence, which is reflected in our reviews and testimonials. We can help you with brows, lashes, touch-ups, and all manner of cosmetic tattoo enhancements. Call us on 09 525 7894 to learn more about our range of treatment options from eyebrow feathering and more in Auckland.

What to Expect From Lure Professional’s Feather Touch Eyebrows Auckland

We’ve spent thousands of hours perfecting the art of semi-permanent cosmetic makeup so you can be sure you’ve visiting the best in Auckland.

  • Nano-blades: While other technicians believe cutting costs is more important than reliable results, we never compromise on quality in any aspects of our treatments. Lure invest in the latest nano-blade technology to provide you with the best results technology can provide. Lure’s nano-blades are the industry’s finest feather touch blades and allow us to create the most intricate and natural stroke pattern for your Auckland eyebrow feathering experience.
  • Results: Lure are the best in the industry for a reason. Read our reviews, check out our latest work via Instagram @Lureprofessional, and come and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.
  • Packages: We know deciding what it the correct treatment can be tough, so we take the guess work out of we have put together several packages for you. This selection is perfect for men who don’t know what to get the lady in their life. We have curated a series of package options for you to choose from to make gifting easier than ever.

Benefits of Feather Tattoo Eyebrows Auckland

Put your face in Lure’s expert hands and leave with the stunning eyebrows you dreamed of.

  • Less Makeup: The pressures of always looking beautiful can get tough. Having to apply makeup every morning can be tiring and time consuming. When you get a semi-permanent makeup solution, you can avoid the stress of applying a full face of makeup and start enjoying your day sooner.
  • Realistic Replacement: If you’ve noticed your eyebrows have gaps, are thin, or the shape isn’t quite right, we make it easy to revitalise them. You won’t have to feel self-conscious when you look in the mirror because you know your eyebrows will look amazing. Lure’s feathering techniques provide a beautifully natural result that mimics the look of real brow hair.
  • Save Time and Money: Permanent makeup is perfect for people who have become tired of spending their mornings at a mirror. When you get feather touch eyebrow tattoos, you will spend less money on makeup and won’t have to waste time applying it. You’ll be able to spend more of your time enjoying life.

Why Choose Lure Professional

Lure’s services have been expanding over the past three years, thanks to the dedication of Lure’s expert technicians to continually innovate and perfect their craft. Lure’s results are industry leading, and the quality of Lure’s tools and techniques is evident when you compare our work to others in the industry. Lure have a variety of services and gift packages to choose from so you can find the best options for you. Browse through Lure’s treatments and invest in a younger looking you by treating yourself to the premiere experience in semi-permanent makeup today.