Microblading Performed by Lure’s Skilled Eyebrow Tattooist in Parnell

Lure’s technicians are the industry’s leading certified eyebrow tattooists. Lure’s eyebrow tattooists in Parnell specialise in all semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo techniques to ensure that every client receives the industry’s premiere experience. Brows are what we do, all day, every day… so contact the brow experts on 09 525 7894 or fill in a contact form below.

Benefits of Lure Professional

Lure’s technicians are subjected to hundreds of hours of training, and the industry’s most comprehensive certification standards before they are approved to perform eyebrow tattoo treatments on Lure clients. Lure’s technicians are renowned industry experts who specialise solely in semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo. Lure is not a general beauty business and instead specialises solely in eyebrow tattoo enhancements. Because of this focus, Lure is unmatched for passion, skill, or experience when it comes to eyebrow tattoo and the range of other cosmetic tattoo treatments offered.

  • PMU artistry: Lure’s technicians are hand-picked from the beauty therapy and MUA industries for their passion and skill, before being put through Lure’s advanced training programme (certified by the PMU Academy New Zealand) to ensure every technician meet Lure’s high standards of client care and technical skill, to consistently deliver the industry’s leading eyebrow tattoo services.
  • Premier experience: If you are considering eyebrow tattoo or any other semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure, treat yourself to Lure’s unmatched customer care experience.
  • Online booking facility: Lure offers an online booking system so you can easily view availability and schedule your eyebrow tattoo or other cosmetic treatment conveniently from your mobile phone or PC. Please do note, spaces with Lure’s industry leading technicians are in high demand and there is usually a wait to secure an appointment.

Understanding treatment options from Eyebrow Tattooist in Parnell

Understanding what options are available in eyebrow tattooing will enable you to select the best option for you.

  • Microblading / Nano-Stroke / Feathertouch: This intricate treatment involves your highly skilled technician placing hair strokes in the skin to mimic real hairs. This treatment is recommended for clients who wear little makeup and prefer a naturally beautiful look. This process is not recommended for those with oily skin types or those over 45 years of age.
  • Powder Brows / Ombre Brows: #AirBrushBrows is exclusive to Lure and is the amazing semi-permanent machine technique that gives the effect of a totally filled in, or gradient filled, powdered brow. This eyebrow tattoo technique is perfect for anyone who wants to save time filling in their brows each day and enjoy that “wake-up-with-make-up” look all the time!
  • Premiere Combination Brows: Premiere Combination brows are the ultimate in brow beauty! This eyebrow tattoo technique involves a mix of manual feather strokes combined with the latest machine brow technology for an absolutely flawless finish! Feathertouch (microbladed) strokes create the defined hairstrokes to the front of the brow, while the machine gives a filled-in powdered effect. This is the ultimate in brow perfection for anyone wanting that next level flawless brow!

Why Trust Lure when looking for an Eyebrow Tattooist in Parnell

Lure specialises in all forms of eyebrow tattoo and our technicians are renowned as the industry’s best with an unrivalled passion to constantly perfect and innovate the art of microblading and the latest variations of cosmetic tattoo. Our technicians perform more semi-permanent cosmetic makeup and eyebrow tattoo treatments than any other in the industry. It’s what we do, all day, every day. Don’t trust your nail lady to do your brows… come and see the brow experts!