Experience Cosmetic Tattooing in Auckland for Brows and Lashes

At Lure, we focus on enhancing your eyes and providing cosmetic tattooing in our Auckland boutique that enhances your natural beauty and creates a more youthful appearance. Semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing can be used to enhance already good brows and create a ‘wake-up and go’ look, or it can be used to restore overplucked or sparse brows allowing them to appear fuller by filling gaps or correcting shape. Call us on09 525 7894 for the premiere experience in semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo.

What Sets Lure Professional Apart Regarding Cosmetic Tattooing in NZ

As a team of professionals in cosmetic artistry, Lure work closely with our clients to enhance their features based on their own unique facial symmetry. Lure specialise in determining which procedures will work best for each client’s unique face.

  • Micro-blading or feather touch is used to create beautifully natural looking, semi-permanent eyebrows. Lure uses nano-blades to re-create the look of real hair. These extremely fine nano-blades allow our expert technicians to intricately place hair stroked in the most natural way possible to achieve stunning results that look just like real hairs.
  • As a provider of cosmetic tattoo in Auckland, Lure train our technicians in all the latest techniques to offer the widest range of treatments in the industry to give our clients more choice on the type of result they achieve. One of these techniques is #AirBrushBrows. This semi-permanent machine technique is versatile, allowing us to design a variety of brow looks from full brows to gradient or ombre.
  • Lure can also use permanent makeup for fuller, darker lashes. Top lash line enhancement procedures produce beautiful lashes that can be left as they are, or further enhanced by mascara. A collagen lash lift lasts up to eight weeks, and provides longer, curled, and more beautiful lashes without the daily use of cosmetics. For individuals with light lashes, Lure offer lash tinting– eliminating the need for mascara.

At Lure, we help our clients simplify their daily beauty routine by reducing or eliminating the need for tools such as brow pencils and mascara.

Tips for Optimal Cosmetic Eyebrow Results

We all want to get the most value out of our beauty, and skincare routines and your cosmetic eyebrow treatments are no different.

  • When searching for a cosmetic tattoo provider near me, read the client reviews and view before and after photos. Look for a boutique that has senior technicians, excellent reviews, and where the images reflect the results you desire.
  • For best results, discuss your skin condition and any concerns openly with Lure’s expert technicians. Listen to treatment recommendations and ask questions. This discussion allows us to provide you with the best treatment option for your situation and desired outcome. We always explain the reasons behind our recommendations and will most often recommend Premier Combination brows for anyone over the age of forty-five or with oily skin. This procedure combines micro-blading and machine brows for better pigment retention and longer-lasting results for our clients. This is a specialist treatment and many part time clinics will not offer this as a treatment option.
  • You must follow all the aftercare instructions. You can expect to experience slight redness or swelling in the treated area immediately after treatment. The brow colour will appear dark but will begin to fade after the first week. To promote healing, and limit colour loss, use a fresh pillowcase, avoid contacting your brows with water for the first ten days, and avoid tanning or sun exposure, and facial treatments for a month. Depending on your skin and lifestyle, touch-ups may be required 9 months to 2 years after your initial treatments.

About Lure Professional

Lure has been providing high-quality service to our clients for over three years. Lure’s technicians focus on permanent make-up tools and techniques that create the desired look and enhance our client’s features.

Contact us to learn more about micro-blading or Lure’s own #AirBrushBrows (Powder Brows / Ombre Brows).