Learn from the Industry’s Elite with Premium Microblading Training in Auckland

To enroll for Microblading training from New Zealand’s premiere PMU training provider visit www.pmuadacemy.co.nz.

Lure partners with the PMU Academy New Zealand to provide microblading training in Auckland that will equip graduates with the skills and confidence to provide elite semi-permanent makeup services to clients. The PMU Academy New Zealand is a premiere permanent makeup training provider, whose ethos is to train and certify technicians who want to showcase the best cosmetic tattooing techniques in the industry. Our courses include fundamental cosmetic tattoo training as well as advanced tuition for our Premiere Combination Brows and Machine Techniques. Enrol today and learn from the best with our one-on-one coaching. Visit www.pmuadacemy.co.nz or Call 09 525 7894 today for more info.

What Sets Lure Professional Apart Regarding a Microblading Course in Auckland

Partnered with the PMU Academy New Zealand, Lure sets the standard for premium microblading training. Our technicians are industry leaders working in the industry on a daily basis. They are extensively trained in innovative PMU techniques which is why PMU Academy New Zealand offers the best and most comprehensive microblading course in Auckland.

  • You will receive one-on-one training: You will be trained individually with an elite trainer to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive tuition. Our trainers are passionate about teaching and mentoring the next generation of technicians and help you to perfect the art of microblading using the latest innovative techniques.
  • Our trainers are the best in the industry: Our trainers are distinguished PMU technicians who work as elite professionals in the industry performing hundreds, if not thousands, of treatments each year. They will teach you in the art of brow reconstruction and enhancement using their exceptional skills and knowledge, and the high calibre course materials provided by PMU Academy New Zealand. You will be trained to the most comprehensive standard in the industry to provide beautiful, natural and symmetrical semi-permanent eyebrows.
  • You will undergo comprehensive testing: Our courses include hundreds of hours of theory and practical training on live models to make sure you become well equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to provide exceptional service once you go out on your own. You will be tested under the most challenging certification process which helps you to strive and achieve excellence as a technician.

The Importance of Our Eyebrow Tattoo Training in Parnell

Our accomplished trainers will help you to:

  • Excel in the industry: You will graduate with excellent skills and the confidence to provide a premium microblading service to your clients.
  • Learn machine techniques: Our machine courses include ombre brows training, powder brows and combination brows. You will master the specific PMU skills needed for the machine techniques and, therefore, provide your clients with a broader range of microblading options and ensure that you can confidently and skilfully provide them with a unique solution to their needs.
  • Provide excellent manual feather-touch brows: You will learn how to perfect the fundamental techniques used to shape, design, reconstruct and enhance brows. This PMU101 brow course ensures that you have an outstanding foundation of microblading skills with which you can continue to master and build on with further training.

Why is Our Permanent Makeup Training in Auckland Cost-Effective?

Our premium PMU training course will train you to perfect the art of microblading using the latest techniques in the industry allowing you to provide a premium cosmetic tattooing service to your clients and earn great money. As a graduate of our course, you will benefit from:

  • Discounts on additional classes: You can continue to refine your skills and learn new techniques with our additional courses, including combination brows and machine techniques, lash and lip courses and business management training. Our graduates from PMU Academy NZ will be eligible for discounts on further courses.
  • Ongoing support: We are passionate about seeing our technicians become successful in the industry and, therefore, provide ongoing support. You can receive feedback from our elite trainer as you progress through your career and become an elite PMU technician yourself.
  • Product discounts: You will receive a discount off industry leading products, pigments and accessories needed for treatments and have the opportunity to work with leading suppliers in the industry who offer reduced prices to PMU Academy NZ graduates.
  • Ability to Charge Elite Pricing: As a graduate of the PMU Academy New Zealand you will position yourself among the industry’s elite, having completed the most comprehensive microblading training in the industry. Because of your elite skill you will be able to command the industry’s top rates for exceptional services offered.

About Lure Professional

We set the benchmark in elite cosmetic artistry and train our technicians to achieve excellence. Our technicians are trained to understand their clients’ unique needs and provide a premium level of service with amazing results. You will train with the best in the industry and become highly skilled in the art of microblading. Contact us today to enrol in our prestigious cosmetic tattooing course.