Our range of gift packages have been designed by our panel of female experts and are aimed to help men find the perfect gift for that special lady! Whether it’s for your girlfriend, wife, sister, mother, work colleague or the lady next door, Lure’s range of well thought out gift packages are sure to impress!

Build your own beauty package

Lure vouchers are available starting at $30.00.
With Lure’s wide range of treatments and products, this is a perfect option for any occasion.

Hello Gorgeous ($70.00)

This is a well thought out gift for any girl who loves looking great and deserves a quick pamper session to enhance those stunning eyes!

Perfect for any occasion and any lady!

  • Perfection Brow Shape
  • Brow Tint
  • Lash Tint

Eye Appreciate You ($149.00)

This is the next generation of eye enhancement! Collagen naturally increases lash length and volume, to make any girl feel like a supermodel with her beautiful new lashes! A perfection brow shape finishes off the package to make sure those eyes are framed by with a set of on point brows!

  • Collagen Lash lift + lash tint
  • Perfection Brow shape

Lashes Speak Louder than Words ($239.00)

Here is your chance to impress! A collagen lash lift creates naturally stunning long lashes that last up to 8 weeks, and any girl who loves lashes knows about LiLash  (trust us, this is as close to a perfect present you can give a girl)! Perfect for bigger occasions and girls who love the idea of beautiful lashes!

  • Collagen Lash Lift + lash tint
  • 3 month LiLash Serum

That Glow Though! ($299.00)

This package is for the girl who loves her skin… you know the one! Compulsive in her moisturiser regime morning and night! We’ve picked the essentials sure to impress, so you look like a skincare expert when she unwraps it! … you can thank us later!

Synergie skincare is the premium range every girl wishes she had (but maybe wouldn’t spend the money on hereself). This stuff is totally natural and it works! A M A Z I N G! Trust us, this stuff is like botox in a bottle and she will love you for having the foresight to get it for her!

Tip for the boys: Skincare shouldn’t come from a supermarket! 😉

  • BB- flawless (cosmeceutical foundation)
  • ReClaim (age management moisturiser)
  • Perfection Brow Shape
  • Brow Tint

Camera Ready Package ($399.00)

WARNING: This package may cause extreme cases of happiness for the recipient.

This is the stuff girls dream about and but never in a million years would expect a guy to understand!

Stunning lashes, perfect brows, the best daily cleasning gel money can buy, a totally natural mineral whip foundation and the most kick ass lipstick on the market. This is as close to heaven as most girls will get.

  • Collagen Lash lift + lash tint
  • Perfection Brow Shape
  • Brow tint
  • Ultra-cleanse (cleansing gel concentrate)
  • Mineral whip 4 in 1 cream foundation
  • Lipsync (cosmeceutical lipstick)

Eye Adore You (Feather Touch $799.00 / Machine Techniques $899)

This package is for the girl who has everything! Feather touch brows are the latest in cosmetic tattoo perfection delivering the most perfect brows for months and months! She’ll love the results and you’ll love that she doesn’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror each day!

Oh, and just in case she wasn’t already impressed, a bit of lash fertiliser to give her the most stunning natural lashes on the planet!

  • Feather touch / #AirBrushBrows or Premiere Combination Brows (2 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart)
  • LiLash serum (3 month supply)

Complete Glam Package (Feather Touch $999.00 / Machine Techniques $1099)

This is THE package to make a long-lasting impression, on that really big occasion!

Feathertouch brows are the dream for any beautiful lady wanting long lasting brow perfection, and when combined with a collagen lash lift, the greatest skincare on the planet, and a regime of LiLash there is literally nothing better!

  • Feather Touch Brows / #AirBrushBrows or Premiere Combination Brows (2 treatments approx 6 weeks apart)
  • Collagen Lash Lift + Lash Tint
  • LiLash serum (3 month supply)
  • Synergie Skincare 3 month starter pack